What’s the BEST length for a Sales Page?

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If you’re thinking about hiring a copywriter or content creator who charges by the word (they shouldn’t, just by the way) this is a really relevant question.

And if you’re writing your own sales copy you might be asking, “am I done yet???”.

As a writer who creates sales copy for a living, my experience is that there isn’t a magic number on how long a sales page should be, but

There are some “rules of thumb” to consider when writing sales copy:

1) The higher priced your offer, the longer your sales page will be. 
It’s still not a set in stone rule but the landing page copy for your free opt in will be shorter than copy for a $47 offer, which will be shorter than the sales page for your $497 course! 

But why??

Because sales copy isn’t just about laying down the facts around your offer. You first take your readers on a journey. Reminding them of thoughts, ambitions, concerns and challenges that wakes up emotions. Those emotions create a desire to act (basically a desire to achieve something); to satisfy a need

Get your readers in the right frame of mind to be open to your offer.

A course that costs $$$ needs to create greater emotion so there’s a bigger desire to satisfy the need.  

Buying the course, consultation or program takes a bigger leap of faith & commitment (they need a bigger desire)  than trading your email address for a free lead magnet. Hence, longer copy

2) How well do the readers know you?
People buy from people they know like and trust so the peeps you’re sending to your sales page should already know you. You have credibility in their eyes, which means they already believe that you can help them. 

Most of the people reading your sales page should know you, some won’t, but you need to remind them of why YOU are the right person to help them with THIS PROBLEM with YOUR SOLUTION. Don’t skimp this part! You’re not telling your life story, only the parts relevant to connecting with your reader (did you overcome the same thing they’re going through? Successfully helped others with a similar challenge? Have specific certifications? Add it in.  

You can also add an “As seen On” or testimonials from people who’ve worked with you! Like this note I got from a Digital Marketer who asked for help on a sales page that isn’t converting for her client (a lawyer).

3) Design M A T T E R S. 
Yup, the words on the page tell your reader the specifics of your offer but the design helps to set the stage as well, and not just in a branding sense. 

When it comes to long sales copy (think 1500 words) it’s easy for your reader to get distracted and just skim through on automatic pilot. Carefully consider changing fonts, backgrounds, and adding splashes of color to interrupt your reader from getting lost in dreamland. Design doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated to make an impact; it needs to be strategically considered. 

4) Pepper Headlines & Subheadings throughout the copy 
Headlines aren’t just for the top of your sales page – they’re also a way to tell your story EVEN IF someone skims right through your entire page. Imagine your potential client only reading the headlines and subheadings of your sales page. Let your headlines tell the gist of your story well enough that they come back to the finer details. 

5) Call To Action Buttons 
A Landing page should only ever have ONE action a visitor can take; in this case it’s BUY NOW (maybe not in those words but same thing). 

This isn’t the time to ask a reader to buy now AND like your Facebook page, AND sign up for your email list AND…because they’ll go with the option that requires LESS; less time, less money, less commitment. 

One page. One Offer. Full Stop. 

(however…you can make a new offer on the NEXT page, the thank you page)

Bottom line answer to the Q? Keep your sales copy only as long as it needs to be, not a word longer 😉

Happy writing! <3


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