What’s Direct Response Copy (& why should you care)?

Think back to “old school”, traditional advertising like billboards, radio and print ads. Even though these are a couple of years (ok, decades) old, bet you’ll still remember a few:

  • The “real beauty” campaign (Dove) 
  • “Taste the Rainbow” (Skittles) 
  • “Even Mikey likes it!” (Life cereal) 
  • “Where’s the beef” (Wendy’s, and I’m showing some age here!) 

There’s a few similarities between digital sales pages and traditional marketing like eye-catching headlines, beautiful design, etc. but in this digital age we’ve got a more effective way of marketing & selling our programs.

The key difference.

The biggest difference between traditional marketing and digital sales is that prospective clients can’t actually make a purchase off the pages of the Southern Living magazine or during a Dave Ramsey ad break. The sole purpose of traditional advertising is to increase your desire for the item but it doesn’t give the opportunity to purchase. 

Traditional advertising increases your desire for the item but it doesn’t give the opportunity to purchase. 

You still need to wait to get to a store. Traditional advertising misses the crucial sales piece. 

Direct response changes the game because it combines marketing & selling. In. One. Place. 

That’s a completely different skill set from any other business writing.

  • It’s not social media posts.
  • It’s not a blog. 
  • And it’s not web copy.  

Think of an online sales page that sells a premium, top-tier, offer. A high-touch group program, a 6-month mastermind, or 1:1 business coaching. 

At this level, the price could be anywhere from a couple of thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. It’s your VIP offer, where you serve at your highest calling. A well-planned and executed launch on a signature program can gross tens of thousands of dollars. 

That ONE page of sales copy has some pretty tall expectations to live up to! The sales page carries a lot of weight on its shoulders – it needs to engage the reader from the start. Compelling a reader to read from one section to the next & click away after the headline. 

Copy that is so effectively written that not only does a reader WANT the product (they have the DESIRE) but they’re willing to BUY (TAKE ACTION)

A sales page needs to create both the desire to have + the conviction to buy. 

That’s marketing & sales in one page and it’s no mean feat. THAT’S why it’s the job of an trained and experienced direct response writer. 

It’s not an accident. Amazing copy dives deep into human psychology. Compelling copy engages your reader, first deeply connecting on an emotional level, and then validating the desire with logical reasoning. 

Your premium & signature program deserves to be experienced, so don’t leave it up to a blogger, a VA, or a writer who focuses on webcopy unless they’ve proven training and experience in direct response writing. 

With more than 13 years in PR & Strategic Communications working on global corporate campaigns, 15 years of writing for online businesses, and Contingency Planning for the USCG, writing has always been at the heart of my business.  But thanks to Julie Stoian & Cathay Olson’s Funnel Gorgeous Society certification (Master Marketer in offer + copy + design) almost wrapped up (in the FINAL PHASE as of October 2020!) Direct response writing is changing the game for my clients.