Simplify your business and get off the hamster wheel

Ever feel like you are running on a treadmill, pushing as hard as you can, working up a solid sweat but not seeing real results?

Cute, amiright? But cute doesn’t…sign on new clients, add value to your clients’ lives, share your own gifts + talents, or make a profit!

Even if you’ve been doing all the things you are supposed to (like asking for referrals, marketing, Facebook advertising, blogging) you might still feel more like you’re on a hamster wheel, spinning in place, than getting anywhere.

What you do get is burned out, staying awake at night worrying and having panic attacks and thinking that running a small business seems so…hard.

Theory says that the harder you work the more results you have to show for it, right? But what if it isn’t?

**This is not about ‘not working harder’ I am all for rising before sunrise to achieve the goals you have set for yourself, and working after the kiddos are all tucked away at night. I work strange hours just so that I can balance family, friends and other ‘real life’ (ha!) commitments in my week.  It’s a trade-off that works for me.

But this gets results only if you are working on the right stuff!

Your marketing, blogging, media pitches, even advertising all come together under the beautiful protective umbrella of your Communications Plan (where all of your content flows from).

But we often get overly excited (or scared) and jump in half way without actually planning (like jumping in an Olympic sized pool when we haven’t yet mastered a doggy paddle)! And then things get tough, almost like you are drowning

How do you know if you are working on the right stuff?

Consider this:

When posting on social media, are you mostly sharing other pages’ content?

Are you spending hours creating great graphics about other people’s quotes?

Do you feel like you are doing everything in the book but not seeing results?

About ready to throw in the towel?


Please just stop one minute – don’t throw in the towel just yet, but stop working so darn hard, don’t make business any harder than it already is

Here is the biggest biz truth:

Only one thing in business matters; that you add value and you are consistent at doing it. (Ok, that was two things). All the other things can crumble into the sea, pass them off, and let someone else do them. Either outsource the fluff or LEAVE IT.


Start simplifying your business

Truth #1
Inspirational quotes and graphics aren’t helping you; not in the great scheme of things. In the ever changing Facebook logarithm world, how often Facebook shows your posts to your followers is dependent on how much reaction and engagement your posts have received in the past. So in theory, any post that gets a good reaction works in your favor.

Sort of.

How much engagement are those posts really getting you? Unless you already have a lot of followers who are very engaged you won’t be.

Also consider how long these posts are taking to create: an hour a week? More? Think about how you could better use that time; giving away value, tips, guidance in a forum or group where your ideal clients hang out? How much more valuable would that be?

ACTION STEP: This week, take a look at your action plans and cross off (or outsource) everything that isn’t giving from your own gifts, that isn’t adding your own value, that doesn’t come from you. Any extra work you add to your business that doesn’t directly give value to your potential clients takes time and resources out of your pocket and keeps you away from your family.

Truth #2

Share your value; sprinkle it down – but where your ideal clients are hanging out. How well do you really know your ideal audience; who you are selling to? Know your audience like you know your best friend; their values, thoughts, where they are, what they read. Get so into what drives them that when they walk into a room you recognize them.

When you know your ideal clients like that, you’ll stop wasting your time at networking events that aren’t right, and get off the wrong social media sites /pages/forums hoping someone might find you. Don’t worry: there are groups that will attract your tribe, your team, your family so spend your precious time connecting where they are not where they aren’t 9no matter how hot the new platform is right now.

Consider what your audience is doing on the site and when. Some professional industries won’t use Facebook in the same way as others. Think about whether your clients would be using a site purely for personal reasons and if so, share your content on LinkedIn (for example) rather than try to maintain a Facebook page on your own.

Truth #3

What you say is not about what you want to say but what your dream clients want to hear, said in a way that resonates with them. What is the language that they use when they describe a problem they have (not the industry jargon that you use).

Truth #4

Be consistent, have a plan and stick to it (yup, had to sneak in that last part in case it wasn’t obvious). When we approach each new week or each new day with thoughts of, “hmmm what should I do for my business this week” We have two options. To keep spinning the wheel or to get intentional.

Get intentional; each new week or new day shouldn’t be hit or miss, “what do I feel like doing today” thoughts running through your head. Start by creating a content plan (whether that’s blog post, media pitches, social media updates, wherever you pre-determined your audience hangs out) for three months at a time.  Each week you can review your plan (and evaluate as you go along)

KEEP IT SIMPLE. Always ask yourself if you are reaching your overall business goals of sharing your knowledge and adding your values with your gifts.

As female entrepreneurs & mompreneurs we juggle a lot of responsibilities, wear a lot of hats, and our choices have widespread consequences. Whatever we choose to do with our time means something loses out; be sure that isn’t your family or ideal clients. The tradeoff of simply keeping busy is just too high.

Choose wisely!

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