Ready to sell out your course, membership site, or new service
but know your sales page isn’t hitting the mark?



You’ve got an offer you’ve worked hard to put together: a course, a membership site, or brand new service. You know deep in your heart that it will help your dream clients to thrive.  

So you put together a quick sales page (I mean, a great product sells itself anyway, doesn’t it?). And maybe blast out a message or two to your email list.  

Then you scan all the groups you’re in to find the “allowed” days to advertise your product in a thread (along with dozens of others). But at least all the members know you by now, and you’re SURE they’re going to LOVE this new offer just as much as you do and just buy it ‘cause you said so. Right??  

But there’s crickets. Like, absolute bone crushing, tumbleweed-in-the-wind, depths of the Atlantic, silence.  


Maybe a couple of group members throw out a heart emoji or two, and an “oh gosh that sounds A-MAZING!” comment. But NO SALES (or not as many as you hoped).  

Not enough sales to justify the time this took away from your family