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You're building your business to serve others, create a community, and leave a legacy.

Beautiful marketing funnels that impact the bottom line of your business

  • Need copywriting services that don’t waste your time or money and gives you a return on your investment?
  • Looking for a copywriter that can boost your email conversions without that “hard sales” feeling?
  • Want copy and content that’s personal + puts your ideas into words?

Of COURSE you do! Your work matters; to you, your family, and the people you serve.

So if you…

  • Are you frustrated + overwhelmed by all the writing your biz needs (landing pages, opt in, email sequences, newsletters, blogs, articles, ad copy, social media copy, upsell & downsell pages, video scripts, thank you pages, confirmation emails, and more)?
  • Aren’t sure what to do with the copy or just don’t have the time to format or figure out the tech (WordPress, ClickFunnels, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, LeadPages…)?
  • Want to see the analytics so you can watch how your copy is impacting your bottom line?
  • Don’t have time to write quality articles that your subscribers want to read?
  • Need an opt in but no idea what your dream clients would trade their email address for?

…and you’re not totally sure what all the bad-language and seduction in biz copy is all about? (Me neither! I pretty much write in PG-13 most of the time so if that’s not what you’re looking for, that’s ok – let’s break up now. It’s not you, it’s me. Really.)

Your copy is that important

What seeds are you planting?

You have so much value to add to the business world, but if you’re like most women of faith, you probably hide your light, desire to be humble, and are just “hoping” that your ideal clients will find you and just happen to sign up for your service.

But friend, we might know each other yet, but if that sounds like you I think we have a lot in common, and we would be friends! 

Digital marketing, funnels, and sales letters don’t have to look ugly or sound sleezy.  

When you use your words to CONNECT with your ideal audience, your services sell themselves. 

Because your audience believes in you…

Because your audience wants to hear from you…

Because they know you can help them!

Work with a Content Creator + Copywriter + Funnel Strategist who shares your faith, heart & values for supporting your family, building a legacy, and creating change.

We believe in working our fields to ensure our roots endure. (based on Proverbs 12:11-12)

What Is Your Legacy?

A young tree grows better when it’s planted in an area with older trees. The reason, it seems, is that the roots of the young tree are able to follow the pathways created by former trees and implant themselves more deeply. Over time, the roots of many trees may actually graft themselves to one another, creating an intricate, interdependent foundation hidden under the ground. In this way, stronger trees share resources with weaker ones so that the whole forest becomes healthier. That’s legacy: an interconnection across time, with a need for those who have come before us and a responsibility to those who come after us.

– Susan V. Bosak

About Claire

I’m Claire. My faith, family, and community are always at the front of what I do because this is more than a *job*. Your business – and mine, too – is about doing business better and always considering the legacy we’re leaving.

For me this means I:

  • Buy from local mom + pop shops whenever possible (from weekly farmstall goodies to soaps, lip balm, and candles crafted at home by mompreneur friends);
  • Volunteer weekly at a local non-profit;
  • Build my business in the warmth of home to nurture my family;
  • Commit to keeping Colossians 3:23 close to heart (“Whatever you do, work at it with your whole being, for the Lord and not for men”).
I’ve been in PR & business communications for more than 11 years (with a BA in Public Relations). In that time I’ve been blessed to work on large projects, non-profits, and amazing, go-getting, start-up biz owners.


But in 2013 I left the corporate strategic communications world, where I worked with global companies in finance and insurance, to build a business around what’s most important in my life: faith + family.

Now my skills + talent help entrepreneurs who believe they can make a difference: build a business, create a nonprofit or develop a new product line.

And the best part? My son gets to watch his mama helping business owners who are devoted to serving others. He learns their stories and watches how companies, big and small, are changing the world.

(Heads up, if you’re not a business I can share with my 8 year old, we’re probably not a good fit!)

I’m grateful that you would consider me to walk with you on your journey.

May we learn from the past, live in the present, and build for the future,


"Choose well. Your choice is brief, and yet endless."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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